1. How do I know how much your service will cost in advance, whether is it possible to ask for a personal survey to fix the quantities and the total weight determination?

If the quotation is able to provide accurate data about the movables and their number of pieces, we can calculate a target price for you. If you’re not sure about the right number of pieces or weight, we can send our expert to go to your place to assess the parameters of the movable goods. You can make a request for assessment by phone or by e-mail.

2. For more information how can I express my interest?

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us through our customer service. We can also fix a personal meeting for a complex discussion.

3. Is it possible to conclude an insurance?

Our company provides an oppurtunity to conclude a one way insurance through our regular partner. For more details please download our pdf. form.

4. Do we have to complete customs clearance in case of a third country moving?

In case of a third country moving the customs clearance have to be completed, but our company will do all the paperwork. If you choose us, we’ll particularly inform you about the details.

5. How many days in advance is it necessary to order the service?

Ideally, you should order the service at about 10 days before moving, but if the necessity of moving came suddenly, we’ll do everything to offer you an ideal construction in 24 hours.

6. If it’s necessary, can our company provide warehousing?

We provide you a 1 m2 to 100 m2 warehouse place through our permanent partner. The storage building of our business partner has tempered heating, night guards and other good quality basic services to provide a safety and demanding storage.

7. Can we assume the wrapping of the movables? Can we assume the assembling and disassembling of furniture?

Even our Basic Bundle includes the safety wrapping, assembling and disassembling of your furniture, but if you would like to complete the moving in a very comfortable way, you should check our Premium bundle which includes all the wrapping, unwrapping and assembling, disassembling of furnishing items. For more information please check our bundles here.

8. How can you ensure the integrity of the movable objects?

We’ll disassemble and assemble we furniture, prepare it the right way and wrap it. In the loader we place them separately with cartons and blankets to be sure about the safety of your belongings

9. How can I prepare for the moving?

You should label the boxes after wrapping, to make it easier to place it to the right room. Book a parking area for the truck if you can, and release the corridor spaces in the building.