Furniture Storage

Many life situation makes it necessary to store all or a portion of your belongings. During exchange of flats, home improvement or even because of a longer working abroad.
We can complete the storage needs of our customers, with our private, communal, or wooden boxed carrying way through our – – partner. We make a receipt of the itemized list of goods for an easier check on the day of unloading.
The storage is lockable and heated in the winter plus it has an alarm system which is armed all day long. During the storage of goods, the movables are being covered by the insurance of Zed Store. Your furniture and boxes are separately stored. We take care of and highly concentrate on to keep your furniture in safety. Our professional moving team will help you during the load and unload. You’ll be able to access your stock-room if you need anything from your stocked belongings.


bútor raktározás


We have three types of storage possibilities. The first option is a private place where only your belongings are stored. The advantage of this option is you are the only one who have a key for the place. Therefore you’re the only one who is able to access. The access is easier for you and the storage is safer. The only disadvantage is the higher price per square meter.



If you would like to solve it in a cheaper way, choose the common storage option. In this case your belongings will be stored in a bigger space, separated but in common with other client’s belongings. The furniture sets are covered, labelled and stored. Its advantage is the much lower square meter price than the first option.



The third option is to use wooden boxes. It’s a good alternative to store your belongings for a long time. In this case you also have wide-ranging possibilities.  We can use wooden boxes from 0,5m3 to 7m3. It’s recommended for technical equipment, or other personal items that you do not like to store in common areas, and the amount is not so significant.