International Moving

Our company won’t stop at the borders of the European Union, we also undertake moving from/to third countries, far  east countries and also across the sea. For smaller amount of movables you have an opportunity to choose air-transport if the moving is immediate.

How can you get an offer?

Nemzetközi költöztetés

  • After giving us your details we’ll send you an informant about the possible services. At the same time our colleague will call you on phone for the details and then we’ll make you an offer about the best solution.
  • By summing up: after date comparison our colleague will go out to assess the amount of movables..





What kind of bundles can you choose?

Basic Bundle – Moving at low price / Budget moving

Conventional moving with your contribution. The service includes carrying and loading. we suggest it for those who likes to solve packaging by their own, without using our moving boxes. We can help you with furniture assembling and also with protective wrapping of delicate furniture. forward to prices

Comfort package – Move Confortable!

How? In Our Comfort Bundle we reassure the the necessary boxes and wrapping materials before the moving as you demand. In this case you can save money and time.

You only need to do the boxing. We reassure the the necessary boxes and wrapping materials before the moving as you demand. After moving We’ll carry away the incurred junk and the boxes.

Premium package – Wrapping/Unwrapping? – Let us do it!

In full service We do all the wrapping, unwrapping and equip, unequip of furnishing items beside moving. Ön végezheti munkáját, miközben You can do your busyness while our collegues solve the whole packing of your flat’s content.

How’s it works? 



At the time of the order we specify the occurred questions and the quantity of the movables. Then together we’ll plan the involvement of moving. We’ll collate the tasks about wrapping and extra questions.

At the day of moving we’ll do all the wrapping and loading. If you choose full service we’ll accomplish the wrapping for all the movables. We got the right boxes for most of the movables and the right technique of wrapping for the others. When we do the packaging our team is highly focusing on to keep your clothes clean and to keep your personal objects in safety from bruise or scratch.

After wrapping we prepare the furniture. Disassembling is optional. We take care of your movables with the right protective package. At the time of loading we make a checklist about the movables. Finally the truck go forth to the address you gave or to the stock if it’s needed.

We can inform you about the process of moving if you wish to know the details. After we arrived to the address we’ll empty the truck and solve the fixed extra demands. We dispose all the furniture to their right place then we do the assembling of disassembled furniture and unwrap the wrapped moving. After all we carry away the incurred junk.

We canvass the moving and double check if everything is at the right place.
Our basic task is to move, load, assembling, disassembling and protective packaging. You can expand our service with boxing and unboxing. We can also equip and unfix furnishing items.
If you have any questions please contact us. You can call our customer service where we welcome your questions with pleasure.