Moving across the sea

How’s it works in practice?

If you decided to choose us then we fix the date of moving with you and answer all your occurred questions. We harmonize the concept of the wrapping. We can take measure of your furniture, paintings and other furnishing items. In this case we can place them to special wooden boxes. On the day of moving we take over the furniture and boxes from you. We make a note about the received objects. We can also assemble and disassemble the furniture if it’s needed. We wrap the furniture to bubble wraps, in this case it’s totally in safe. We can also check your packaging to repack it if it’s needed.

We transport the delivery to the stock and then we fix the documentations. After the customs clearance we place the movables to a container or a wooden box. Which to choose depends on the shape, size and weight of the movables.

If we send the delivery in container we place the moving to one or more big size boxes. It’s compiled by the delivery. Boxes have fully cushioned security, with demister pillow inside against dew. In this case nothing’s going to be dewy.

For full container packing, we use the stock to load. Moving obtain some extra safety and a secure fixing during the load. We stick anti-vapour bags into the container against damp. Movables were fixed at the end of loading. Containers are closed with a special numbered lock.

After all we send off the shipment. The container is delivered to the dock by road transport or rail.

The shipment/container have to be in the dock one week before departure. The length of this period depends on the distance.

The consignment is forwarded in 3-5 working days after arrival if the address is not in a port city. It is also a road or trail transact. Customs clearance happens before delivery. Then we do the paperwork, After all we harmonize the date and do the delivery at the right day.

After the arrival of shipment we unpack the movables at the destination. We unpack packed pieces and do the assembling as needed. After moving we carry away the used wrapping materials. Your personal belongings, paintings, mirrors, lamps will also be unpacked by our workers if you ask. Then the job is done.

It is also possible to take over your movable assets in the port or at the destination. In this case we calculate the price until the port/destination. If you choose this option the local costs, home delivery, customs clearance, etc. have to be paid by you.

Transporting cars in containers


The cars are brought to our yard, where a technician prepares it to shipment. The battery needs to be removed from the car. The oil and the fuel have to be drained. You can also solve it by your own technician. Cars have to be fixed in the container. Our technician will fix it at the yard. Before/After shipping we’ll do the clearance. You’ll get the car after cess was paid. We can organize the car re-entry into service upon request. (Battery, motor oil, fuel, testing, registration number, etc.).


Information about invoicing:

It’s free of VAT if it comes from or goes to a third country (not EU) except the Hungarian part of transport. This means you have to pay 27% VAT for the Hungarian part. (Transport, loading, packing, customs clearance, etc.).