Moving in Budapest

If you’re not sure about the size of the car please call or e-mail our helpdesk. You can ask for personal survey at your home.

By the survey we create a unique bundle for you. We create our offer by your requests. You can ask for full or particular packaging, furniture assembling, carnice or chandelier mounting. Also to put in or out of operation your washing machine and cooker. Go forward to offer

If you choose hourly rate please check the related information.

Price of moving:

Hourly rate of 3.5 tons truck with 1 person: 6.300 Ft + Vat (Br.: 8.000 Ft) 
Hourly rate of 3.5 tons truck with 2 person: 7.600 Ft + Vat (Br.: 9.650 Ft)
Hourly rate of 3.5 tons truck with 3 person: 8.900 Ft + Vat (Br.: 11.303 Ft)
Hourly rate 2pcs of 3.5 tons truck with 4 person: 12.700 Ft + Vat (Br.: 16.130 Ft)
Hourly rate 2pcs of 3.5 tons truck with 5 person: 14.700 Ft + Vat (Br.: 18.670 Ft)
Hourly rate 2pcs of 3.5 tons truck with 6 person: 16.700 Ft + Vat (Br.: 21.210 Ft)

Every plus loader’s hourly price: 2000 Ft + Vat. Basic fee 1 h. Minimum fee to pay: basic fee + 2hrs.

The distance fee for one car is 150ft + Vat /km, for two cars it is 300Ft + Vat /km. Distance fee also includes the price of the road pricing.

We calculate the working hours from the start of working to the inchoate last ½ hour inside Budapest.

Trailer / plus truck hourly price: 3000 Ft + Vat. Distance fee is 150 Ft + Vat.

Moving from outside of Budapest County or to outside of Budapest County: We calculate time and distance from Budapest board, backwards till Budapest Board. The distance fee needs to be paid additionally with hourly fee.

Dismounted job (service without truck) price: 2.500 Ft. + Vat. Minimum fee to pay is 4 hours. Basic fee inside Budapest unitary 4500 Ft + Vat.

Wrapper prices:

  • Rent of boxes: 180 Ft + Vat / day / pcs (gross 230 Ft / pcs), to buy boxes 850 Ft + Vat (gross 1080 Ft / pcs)
  • Mobile closet for delivering hanging clothes 1500 Ft + Vat / day (gross 1900 Ft) (to buy price gross 13.950 Ft / pcs)
  • Duct tape 650 Ft + Vat / roll (gross: 825 Ft)
  • Stretchable protective foil 5.500 Ft + Vat / roll (at about. 240 running meter), gross 6.980 Ft.
  • Bubble wrap 350Ft + Vat/meter (140cm wide), gross 445 Ft.
  • Silk-paper: 650 Ft + Vat / kg, gross: 825 Ft.


Deliver boxes inside Budapest 8.500 Ft + vat / occasion, (gross 10.800 Ft)

Inside Pest region 10.500 Ft + Vat / occasion (gross 13.335 Ft)

Basic Bundle – Moving at low price / Budget moving: conventional moving with your contribution. The service includes carrying and loading. we suggest it for those who likes to solve packaging by their own, without using our moving boxes. We can help you with furniture assembling and also with protective wrapping of delicate furniture. forward to prices

Move Confortable!  How? In Our Comfort Bundle we reassure the necessary boxes and wrapping materials before the moving as you demand. In this case you can save money and time.

You only need to do the boxing. Moving Service reassure the the necessary boxes and wrapping materials before the moving as you demand.

After moving We’ll carry away the incurred junk and the boxes.  request for quotation

Wrapping/Unwrapping? – Let us do it! With our premium bundle we offer you full service.

In full service We do all the wrapping, unwrapping and equip, unequip of furnishing items beside moving.  You can do your busyness while our collegues solve the whole packing of your flat’s content. request for quotation

Please fill our detailed application form and ask for an individualized offer.