Office Moving

A smooth office moving to the new location is a complex task. For example to do the entering from different service providers and the notations, the announcement and the new address of the company. Last but not least, the move with minimized loss of work.

The Moving Service Ltd. can be your ideal partner for you or your company from the survey to the last moment of moving. If you decided to do a moving, please contact us. Our colleague will visit you to size up the amount of your movables. Until the survey our worker will inform you about the services and the opportunities. It only takes a few minutes. We’ll collate your ideas, quotations. In the survey we ask you as much detail in the office as possible to create our request exact as possible. Then we take a lump sum of personalized and written offer.


After agreeing the quotation we meet you one more time for schedule creation if it’s needed by the large amount of movables. By making the schedule we fix every small details of the moving. In the schedule we have to plan the placement of the equipment and furniture at the new office. At this time we coordinate the assembling and transporting details of the computers with the IT.

If you request we can do a presentation to the department managers about the moving and the estimated time of the moving. We tell and show all the information about boxing and labelling. Packing assistance is provided.

The move execution based on the schedule that developed together. The works foreman coordinate the moving process. The moving starts with preparing and packaging. 

We take care of the former and the new office’s condition. We rent the elevator, and protect the edges of the passageway with edge protector. We also protect the floor with Carpeted floor.

After all transporting starts. We keep the scheduling with special attention during the moving.

During the unload we put all the furniture to its place, do the assembling of the disassembled ones, unwrap the wrapped ones and carry away the used packaging materials. The previous office evacuation is going to be jointly checked with your co-worker.

Configuring the final status starts after the last round of off-loading. Then the job will be handed over.

The performance of the job will be checked by the coordinator designated by your company. We will send a small team to carry out the necessary layout if it’s needed. We will do the assembling and disassembling of the office accessories if it’s asked by you.

Other services for office moving.

 Boxes, packaging, marking labels, adhesive tape elevators.

  • The boxes are specially reinforced, five-layered, stitched, and signed with the company logo
  • For packaging the office facilities we recommend silk-paper and bubble wrapping.
  • Labels for titling the boxes and furniture.
  • Duct tape for an easier way of box seal up.

In addition to basic packaging we can also use IT compartment and sealable plastic archive compartment.

  • Plastic IT compartment for moving and storage of the IT unit of a complete workstation.
  • Plastic archive compartment for important papers even with keeping the sequence.

File folder – fast, cost-effective move of document transport and archive.

Packaging – let us do it! One of the most important part of moving which makes it all easier and safer. Our professional team will make all the packaging fast and workmanlike including storage and kitchenette. In this case our employees won’t disrupt from work.

If you would like to do the wrapping, we offer you a packaging guide.

If you request we can do a presentation to the department managers about the moving and the estimated time of the moving. We tell and show all the information about boxing and labelling. Packing assistance is provided.

Furniture assembling – Additional amenities of Moving Service Ltd. includes a carry-in furniture moving of the office. Furthermore we also do the assembling and disassembling of Dexion Salgo shelves, fixing it to walls. We can also help with it. For special request we can also do the assembling and disassembling of pictures, magnetic boards, and other office accessories.

Moving of archives

When we do office moving we have a big routine in keeping order of archives. We also take care of inspection exemption with possibility to a closed paper management, and sealed cargo arena.

We transport the paper that have to be scrapped to a professional company which was confirmed by the protocol.

Office cleaning – Furniture Care

The general cleaning of the new office before moving in!
The clean-up of the vacated office before the handover if necessary.

Warehousing – Archiving

If your company need to preserve documents whether from an amount that can only fill a shelf to hundreds of running meters. Moving Service Ltd. can rent a storage space for it. If you have no place here will be places!

About the document storage: We can use carton boxes, file-case, on dexion shelves, lockable cabinet plate, or to wooden boxes.